Silverbriar Timeline

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AD 1219

27th. Jarl Silverthorne is selected by the crown to serve as the next king of Thunder Rift.


6th. Coronation ceremony of King Jarl Silverthorne. The Royal Order of the Silverthorn is established, and founding members are inducted. The town of Silverbriar is officially included in all maps of Thunder Rift.

AD 1220
AD 1221

21st. Silverbriar Academy completes construction of a larger campus, and begins offering specialized, expert-level courses for students who excel in their first two years.

AD 1222
AD 1223
AD 1224
AD 1225
AD 1226
AD 1227
AD 1228

17th. Lumine Filiaumbra is born in Alfheim. She is the the first born of Racu and Icewynd; due to the effects of Alfheim, and her unique parentage, she is born a half-elf.

AD 1229
AD 1230
AD 1231

I think the math works out such that Corwin “Jingles” Leafwalker is born at some point this year.

AD 1232
AD 1233

23rd. Eikfjor “Oakly” Gulbrandrson is born. He is the only child of Bran Svadilfarsvenson and Martina of Willowdale.

AD 1234

12th. Alritch “Rich” Jarlson Svadilfarsven Silverthorne is born. He is the fourth child of Yari and Elsie

15th. Benedict “Benn” Sardison Medina is born. He is the third child of Sardi and Lena.

AD 1235

21st. Alubosa “Onion” al Enyinnaya is born. He is the first child of Enyinnaya and Rayowa Moonbeam, and is the last true Eladrin to be born in Midgard.

AD 1236

13th. Ana “Annie” Silverthorne is born. She is the fifth child, and first daughter, of Yari and Elsie.

16th. Josephine “Sophie” Sardisdottr Medina is born. She is the fourth child of Sardi and Lena.

AD 1237
AD 1238
AD 1239
AD 1240
AD 1241
AD 1242
AD 1243
AD 1244

20. Lumine is deposited alone in Silverbriar, with just enough information to verify her familial relation to the king. Due to the effects of Alfheim, she is only 10 years-old at this time.

22. Alritch, Jingles, Lumine, Onion, and others begin their first two years of study at Silverbriar Academy.

AD 1245
AD 1246

20th. Start of spring semester at Silverbriar Academy, including two days of carnival.

The events of the two carnival days from Rich’s perspective.

Silverbriar Timeline

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