Shay O'Kane


Shay O’Kane is Dosta Stonethrow’s (LeAnne’s character) distant cousin from her great-grandfather’s (human) side of the family. Admittedly it’s about 10 generations back, but the legend of the half-elf daughter from a second marriage that was turned into a dwarf has been handed down through the generations.

Shay’s parents love him dearly but want him to have the best education they can afford so they’ve sent him to the school with a trusted advisor Moira McElligot (an actress Tormod hires in Botan).

Shay’s parents Birgitte and Derval O’Kane are officially sponsored privateers operating out of Feromby.

A dextrous front line fighter, Shay is looking forward to using not only his rapier, but his rapier wit to defend his cousin and the rest of the party.


Shay O'Kane

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