Lumine Filiaumbra

Half-elf student of Martial and Discretionary Warfare Studies at Silverbriar Academy


Lumine Filiaumbra [loo-MEEN fee-lee-AHM-BRAH] was born of unique parentage: Her father, Umbraculo, is a human with partial orcish heritage; her mother, Icewynd, is an elf with partial human heritage. Had Lumine been born in Midgard, her human blood would have been dominant; however, for reasons their own, Racu and Icewynd chose to raise their family in Alfheim, and as such, Lumine’s elven ancestry took hold, and she was born with characteristics commonly seen in half-elven children. Despite having the pointed ears and natural charm of many half-elves, though, her skin is ashy-grey, and two of her bottom teeth poke ever-so-slightly up from her lower jaw as vestigial tusks – both marks of the small amount of orcish blood she carries in her veins. Lumine appeared in Silverbriar when she was ten, and quickly established herself as the first-cousin-once-removed of King Jarl Silverthorne. She attends family gatherings when summoned, but otherwise prefers to keep to herself, spending most of her free time engaging in extra training. There is a cause she is preparing herself for with the single-minded focus and dedication of a zealot crusader.

She is currently living in Midgard Dormitory, and studying directly under Professors Leaf and Parten.


Lumine Filiaumbra

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